Tour Our New Home Office

You might have heard we moved to a new place in Snohomish. If you were wondering what it is like behind the scenes at Jared M. Burns Photography, here are some views of the new home office.

Click to  enter a 360° view  of the office...

Click to enter a 360° view of the office...

Some of the features I enjoy most about the new space...

  • It is a dedicated space, of course, for photography work and creative thought

  • Everything in white eliminates color distractions and leaves room for planning and visualization

  • The server is concealed nicely in the converted wardrobe cabinet

  • Dedicate battery charging station

  • The rolling table moves around the room to be desk space, a packaging station, and a gear staging station

  • All packing materials are in easy reach and stored in vertical space

  • The sayings that keep me focused surround clock which is where I most often look when loosing focus



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