What does your headshot say about you?

Recently, I presented to a group of business networkers and asked a key question in a way most had never thought about. The question was, "Who would you want to do business with?" On the projection screen, I featured the headshots of several actual people doing business. Some of those images were not mine so I can only describe them to you...

  1. A sloppily dressed CEO with head shaded by an oversized hat

  2. A real estate agent in an awkward stance holding a "Sold" sign

  3. A receptionist in front of the office ficus tree

  4. A sales woman with her husband and daughter's faces half cropped out

  5. A professionally dressed, well-poised woman with a confident look and engaging smile

Which of these do you think people said they wanted to buy from?
Of course, 100% of the people in the room raised their hand for #5 with the professional, friendly, confident woman.

The "Ah-ha" moment came next as they realized "This is how their customers are shopping for them!" We are all human and, like it or not, we judge a book by its cover before we choose to read it. In the same way, potential clients are evaluating you right now by the way you present yourself online. They first want to see how much you believe in what you do before working with you.

In the online world, you have only one second to make a first impression. Your image precedes you like a digital handshake showing you are confident and capable.

Who needs a great headshot?

  • Are you in a business that works directly with customers?

  • Could your first impression be improved?

  • Are your "about me" page or social profiles lacking?

  • Do you want people in your area to see you as confident and capable?

  • Would you like customers to feel a connection to you?

  • Do you want more online customers contacting you?

Do any of these questions resonate with you? The number one thing to remember is clients are going to buy from people they feel they could like and trust. 81% of them will check you out online before they ever contact or visit your business...and that number is growing every year!

So what does your headshot say about you?

Contact us today to learn how we can help...

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5 Things to Know About Your Family Photographer

Five things you should consider in your next Snohomish family portrait photographer...

1. Do they work with kids?  Not all photographers are created equal.  Not all work well with children.  You want a photographer who has proven portraits of young children because it shows they can actually get what you need.

Jared M. Burns - Snohomish Family Portrait Photographer - WPF2

2. Can they pose people?  Posing can be the difference between frumpy and flattering.  The first time you see your photograph, your eyes will go straight to you to see how you look.  You may not understand posing, but when you see a great portfolio, you should notice normal people who look great and are well balanced.

3. Do they provide a customer service experience?  The best way to see if a photographer provides a high level of customer service is to learn what other people say.  Do you know someone who has worked with them?  Are there online reviews or positive comments on Facebook?  Even better, ask the photographer what you can expect from your experience and learn how much they care in how they answer.

4. What is their editing like?  There are some really weird practices circulating in some photography circles...glowing alien baby eyes, fake vintage filters, plastic skin, and selective coloring.  Photographs exist so you can one day look back and remember loved ones as they were.  You want a photographer who can make natural and complimentary enhancements, representing your family at their best and as who they really are.

5. What products are available?  Just between you and yourself, when was the last time you “actually” printed out digital photos?  Shopping for only digitals is shorting yourself .  If it lives on a disc, it doesn't exist.  Think about it, would you rather leave your favorite cell store with a smartphone or a quarter to go find a payphone yourself?  Its the same with photographs.  You want a full service photographer who offers beautiful possibilities, products, and services you actually desire...ones you will use.


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Sarahenna: Seattle Mehndi Artist - Seattle Wedding Photographer

It is my privilege to introduce you to our newest preferred vendor, Sarahenna!  Sarah, is a unique artisan who specializes in Mehndi and henna designs for the body.  Take a moment to compare her work with other henna artists around the web and one will immediately discover she brings unmatched quality to this craft in our Seattle community. This collaborative project was unlike any other I have done.  The photography that follows documents my exploration into a new world of beautiful Indian culture.

Mehndi is “henna” (an herb) applied as temporary body decoration during a traditional Indian wedding.   It begins with the preparation of the henna herb leaf which has been ground into fine powder.  As a notable distinction, Sarah only imports high quality, natural, earth friendly products directly from India.

Water, sugar, and exotic oils are mixed together to form the henna paste.  It is then injected into foil cones that will act as the drawing utensil.

Our model, Karishma Sharma, is required to sit patiently for the next 7 hours as Sarah applies the designs with meticulous care.  The drawings are primarily applied to the hand and foot regions as they will be the most receptive to the henna pigment.  Though it acts as a tattoo, its effects will only last around 2 weeks.

Because the process requires many hours to complete, the paste will begin to dry before the pigment has the opportunity to set.  Lemon juice and sugar water are dabbed regulary to keep it moist for as long as possible.  The bride will be wrapped in protective layers and asked to remain as still as possible overnight.

The following day, the paste has dried and can be  rubbed off to reveal the designs.  They appear faint at first, but as time passes the designs will become darker in color.  With moisturizer, the life of a design can be extended to about three weeks.

The Mehndi tradition is considered to be one of the most important preparation rituals for the Indian bride.  The time of application is meant to be shared with her family and friends, often its even accompanied with dancing and singing.

In some Indian communities, Mehndi also signifies a special time in a bride's life where she is waited on hand and foot, not being permitted to perform even the least amount of work until it has worn off.

Henna is not just for wedding Mehndi!  Sarah provides a wide range of services to enhance the body for any culture or any occasion!  When you contact her, also ask her to tell you about the exciting new clothing design!

If you have enjoyed the work of our preferred vendor and featured artist, please take a moment to show your appreciation by visiting Sarah's website at  www.sarahenna.com and like her on Facebook!


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