Before you get your pumpkin spice latte

Did you notice the fog in the air this morning? Even though autumn technically does not start until Sept. 23rd, there's no question, the change in season is already here. Before you run out and get your pumpkin spice latte, this is a breakdown of what you need to know about portraits through the end of the year...

Snohomish Senior Grad  Girl Portrait with Horse - Jared M Burns.jpg

September 6th - Nearly all schools are back in session and people are getting desperate to squeeze in their last-minute family or senior grad portraits.

September 6th to 16th - Sunflowers are in full splendor at some of your local farms. It's a special opportunity to create remarkable portraits with a touch of warm, bright cheer!

September 7th to 20th - The weather is still glorious! There is still time to get the late summer look in beautiful outdoor settings. Many people find this is the most timeless look for portrait art that will hang on their walls all year round.

Snohomish fall family portraits with leaf color - Jared M Burns.jpg

September 21st to October 15th - The ideal time for autumn color! The tree color season is always shorter than you think, just 2 to 3 weeks in all, so plan ahead!

October 1st to 16th - Most area high schools will have a hard deadline for senior grad yearbook portraits in the first half of the month. Don't wait until the last minute!

October 10th to 31st - Pumpkins and corn make a wonderful setting for family portraits, especially when young kids are involved!

October 21st to 31st - Every year a wind and rain storm sweeps through near the end of the month tearing all the beautiful fall color to the ground. The likelihood of bad weather increases with each passing week through the end of the year.

November 3rd - This marks the daylight savings change. The evening light is gone and sessions can only be scheduled on very limited Saturdays. November is also the rainiest month of the year.

Snohomish Family Portrait Wall Art Example - Jared M Burns.jpg

November 15th to December 14th - We are wrapping up last of the season sessions and products needed as gifts for Christmas!

Were you planning to get family portraits in 2019? The time to schedule them is now!

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Email Survey Results: What did you do with your digital files?

Years ago, when we first did this poll, we discovered that 98% of people never printed a single digital image from their family portrait session.

Did you print your digitals servey results.jpg

This same percentage basically holds true today. Whether taking their own personal photos or downloading professional digitals from a photographer, only one in 50 people will ever bring life to their portraits by printing and displaying them in their home.

On that day, we realized we were providing a disservice to our portrait clients and, nearly overnight, our business model changed. Today, we are a full-service studio that creates beautiful, lasting memories for people who care about family. It is about creating emotional, personalized art in the home that says, "This is us. This is what matters. We belong."

What have you done with digital.jpg

If you are ready to make a statement about what is most important in your life, contact us today, or visit us online at

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When was your last family portrait?

Summer is coming!

"Umm, no kidding, Jared, everyone knows this."

Well, fire season is coming too!

"Oh, yeah...I hadn't thought about that."

Jared M Burns early summer family portraits outdoors.jpg

There just one EXTREMELY important thing you must know...

Waiting too long to book your family portraits could cost you. You might be trading the beautiful blue skies of Washington for a thick, brownish-red cloud of smog. While we hate to say it, the late-summer fires are a real thing around here now. 


How long has it been since your last family portrait?

If this summer is the one for you, be sure to plan your family session early! Everything we love about the beautiful Northwest is happening now. We want your family portraits to have that dream look you would be proud to display on your walls for years to come. 

Now is the time! Call us today to get started!


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Don't Let Your Business Stink

7 things you can do right now to take out that psychological garbage keeping your clients away

Photo courtesy of Gary Chan

Photo courtesy of Gary Chan

Taking out the garbage is an easy enough task, so why does this chore sneak up on us sometimes? We absentmindedly slip into our daily routines, attack the issues that seem urgent, and intend to address the important things tomorrow...and this is where the cycle begins. The psychological garbage builds up and soon everyone notices it but you.

Psychological garbage is comprised of things you neglect to do that when ignored, make your business stink and creates barriers to client relationships. You already do your home chores and office chores, but maybe it is time to add some psychological chores to your list.

1. Trash the "Business Card Barriers"

 Is your business card still relevant to your current branding? Does the person in the photo look like you? One in four people I network with has a business card barrier. Are you certain the phone number, address, email, and website are perfectly correct?

Recently, one woman asked me to follow up with her but neglected to put her phone number on the card. When I reached out by email, it bounced. I checked her website for other channels of communication, but her website wasn't just unreachable, it had expired so long ago the domain was up for sale.

Check over every detail on your card regularly before continuing to hand out business cards like candy.

2. Trash the "Social Media Barriers"

Imagine a time you wanted to learn more about an organization on social media, but you couldn't quite tell if they were still in business, what they were all about, or how to contact them. To avoid this barrier, your social media business profile, at a minimum, must answer the 6 most important questions...Who, What, Why, When, Where, and How. 

3. Trash the "Delay Barriers"

How frustrating is it when you call a business and don't hear back for days, weeks, or ever? Do you ever do this to your clients? You can't always answer the phone immediately, however, you can make it part of your office culture to follow up with voicemails within 6 hours, 12 hours, or at least within 24 hours.

4. Trash the "Wordiness Barrier"

It seems the medical, legal, engineering, manufacturing, and software development type companies are the most likely to get sucked into lengthy written descriptions when a poignant photograph could demonstrate all the concepts and more in seconds. (See, wasn’t that run on sentence exhausting?) People will not take the time to read novels on your website but will be drawn in by images and supporting words that sell the experience.

Reduce the long, wordy paragraphs on your website and replace them with images wherever possible.

5. Trash the "Location Barrier"

When a business fails to tell the public where they are located or what region they operate in, they have created a location barrier. Most people want to deal locally. You might be missing business regularly if people are not sure you operate in their area. Now, you might say, "But, Jared, I don't what to close myself off to jobs elsewhere." Listing a location does not prohibit travel. The fact is that the majority of your business already comes from your local area, right? Don't close yourself off to your largest potential customer base. If you want to travel, simply say, "Available for travel."

Your location or region should be listed on your business card, website, email signature, social media profiles, and supporting marketing materials.

6. Trash the "Greeting Barrier"

How many businesses have you called today? How many had an employee that answered the phone with a less than enthusiastic, "hello..."?

Changing the way you answer the phone takes you from average to remarkable with only two seconds of effort. One of the reoccurring comments we hear from our clients is, "Wow, nobody answers the phone that way any anymore!" What's our secret? We start with a friendly greeting. We state our business name so they know they reached the right place. We let them know who they are speaking with specifically. We ask what we can do to help.

7. Trash the "Photo Barriers"

There are far too many businesses out there, both large and small, that throw a few amateur snapshots up and call it good.

Be intentional: A favorite example I see often is the consultant or motivational speaker claiming they have the "secret that will change your life or bring success to business," but can't seem to afford half-way decent photos of themselves or what they do. If they are as good as they claim, shouldn't their media support that?

Be authentic: There is a medical office in the Seattle area that has images of Chicago all over their website. My first thought when I land on their web page is, "Whoops, wrong company!" I also know of a local family veterinarian with images of chiseled male models pretending to be vets. My first thought, “Are they trying to attract women or care for pets?”

Be relevant: There is a residential carpet cleaner that features imagery of an enthusiastic technician on the 38th floor of metropolitan, office high-rise. My first thought…”They probably aren’t interested cleaning the carpets in my little home.”

Make sure your branding and photography is relevant to your region, company culture, and exactly matched to what your ideal client would want or expect to see when they land on your website or browse your materials.

Most clients today will research you online before they make the decision to contact or buy. When they land on your web site they should see a business that presents themselves as confident, shows you have what your they need, and demonstrates you are intentional and dependable in the services you provide.

So don't let your business stink...

Everyone else around you excels at being average. The simple task of removing the psychological garbage sets you up to outshine your competition. Market distinction comes from being better, eliminating the barriers, having more integrity, and being known as people can count on. While all your competitors are slipping into bad habits, you can be mindful of your psychological chores and immediately set yourself apart from everyone around you.


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Best Places to see Fall Color Around Washington State

Are you a leaf peeper looking for the most amazing fall color spots in and around Washington State? Here are some resources you might find helpful!

Leaf Locator

We’ve created our own leaf locator map so you can easily see where the hottest spots are for color near Washington. Do you know of a place that should be added to the map? Email it to us at

Fall Foliage Prediction Map has created this interactive map that forecasts the fall color within ever county of the US. Just move the slider to find the optimal date for the location you intend to go leaf peeping.

Fall Foliage Hotline

Yes, Washington State has a fall leaf hotline! Just call (800) 354-4595 to get the most accurate information about the color status of any region you want to visit.

Happy Leaf Peeping!

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8 Reasons Autumn is Best for Family Portraits

Why schedule your family portrait in Autumn? Here are eight reasons you should consider that are unlike any other time of the year.

Jared M Burns Photography - Snohomish Fall Family Portrait in Tall Grass.jpg

1 - Fall is the most visually stunning time of year, but very short

Fall in the Northwest with all the glorious color is the most desirable time of year to be photographed and everyone knows it! The leaf color normally peaks around the second week of October. About a week after that, all the leaves are on the ground.

Jared M Burns Photography - Carnation Fall Family Portrait Walking in Leaves.jpg

2 - An opportunity to focus on natural family moments

Imagine walking through the leaves or sitting in a ocean of color. My favorite with the younger kids is to throw leaves in the air or at each other because of the natural smiles and joy that bursts out.

Jared M Burns Photography - Edmonds Fall Family Portrait in Field.jpg

3 - Images will be warm and engaging

The warm summer glow that creates amazing atmosphere is at its best during the transition from summer to fall. Dressing for the season means wonderful, rich tones, that match the colors of nature.

Jared M Burns Photography - Lynnwood Fall Family Portrait at Park.jpg

4 - Beautiful locations unlike any other

Do you have a favorite fall location? If not, we know of many around the area and can recommend some that would be perfect for your family!

Jared M Burns Photography - Snohomish Fall Family Portrait with Kids.jpg

5 - Freedom to be more creative

Great portraits any other time of year have limitations on clothing that will work. However, fall is the one time of year you have options! Some people dress on the casual side, some really dress it up, and some choose to include scarves, sweaters, pea coats, knit hats, and other fun accessories that show off a little color flair.

Jared M Burns Photography - Fall Family Portrait near Snohomish.jpg

6 - A timeless look that transcends the season

Displaying a fall portrait in your home will look always look wonderful, no matter the time of year. It is also an eye-catching statement to visitors about what is most important in your home.

Family Portrait Holiday Card Ideas.png

7 - Best holiday cards ever!

Yes, now is the time to plan ahead on your holiday cards. You’ll show family and friends you don’t just drop a few cell photos into an online card template. Your family puts thought and care into creating something special and unique! Cards like this will live on the fridge long after the holiday season!

8 - Book before November 10th and receive complimentary holiday cards!

This is one of a select few specials we run each year! When you book your photography session before 11/10/18, we will gift a 24/pk of 5x7 flat, press-printed, holiday cards with envelopes with your session!

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5 Reasons Summer is the Best Time to Get Your Family Portraits

When was your last family portrait? If you are like most people, you did it when the kids were little, but now years have passed and important stages have been missed. You don't have to let that happen again this summer! Here are 5 reasons that prove this summer is the BEST time for your family portraits!

Jared M Burns Snohomish Summer Photography with kids.jpg

1. Best Weather!

This is when the Northwest is at its very best with the lush green of the land and vibrant blue skies and water.  You don't have to worry about the winds and rain that can ruin hair and clothes any other time of year.

Snohomish Family Photographer, Jared M. Burns - Couples

2. Best Creative Potential!

When the weather is so good, you have options for more diverse locations. You get to take advantage of the amazing outdoor lighting. You can build sessions around summer themes or activities your family identifies with. From the mountains to the water, all the parks and natural areas have been manicured and are waiting for you. 

Snohomish Family Photographer, Jared M. Burns - Northwest Family

3. Best Flexibility!

You already know it's hard to get the family together the rest of the year, but summer is a time when everyone's schedules open up and life slows down just a little. It's easier to take time off work during the week. The days are longer meaning families can still do portraits after work in the beautiful golden light of evening.

Snohomish Family Photographer, Jared M. Burns - Family with older kids

4. Best Moments!

Yes, the best moments happen in summer. Everyone is more relaxed, the days come a little easier. The family is together more and creating quality memories that last a lifetime. Portraits can persevere and commemorate this unique stage in your family.

Snohomish Family Photographer, Jared M. Burns - Destination Family Portrait.jpg

5. Best time is before it's too late!

One thing I have learned in photography is that summer is the easiest season to let slip past you. People start with dreams like "This will be the year we finally get the family portrait done!" but, year after year the summer BBQ's, kids sports, travel, yard projects, and big work events steal every last bit of your time...and the family is yet another year older with nothing to show.

The best time is now. Once summer slips away everyone else will be calling us frantically, saying, "Oh my goodness, where did the season go? Is there any way you can STILL fit me in!?" 

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What does your headshot say about you?

Recently, I presented to a group of business networkers and asked a key question in a way most had never thought about. The question was, "Who would you want to do business with?" On the projection screen, I featured the headshots of several actual people doing business. Some of those images were not mine so I can only describe them to you...

  1. A sloppily dressed CEO with head shaded by an oversized hat

  2. A real estate agent in an awkward stance holding a "Sold" sign

  3. A receptionist in front of the office ficus tree

  4. A sales woman with her husband and daughter's faces half cropped out

  5. A professionally dressed, well-poised woman with a confident look and engaging smile

Which of these do you think people said they wanted to buy from?
Of course, 100% of the people in the room raised their hand for #5 with the professional, friendly, confident woman.

The "Ah-ha" moment came next as they realized "This is how their customers are shopping for them!" We are all human and, like it or not, we judge a book by its cover before we choose to read it. In the same way, potential clients are evaluating you right now by the way you present yourself online. They first want to see how much you believe in what you do before working with you.

In the online world, you have only one second to make a first impression. Your image precedes you like a digital handshake showing you are confident and capable.

Who needs a great headshot?

  • Are you in a business that works directly with customers?

  • Could your first impression be improved?

  • Are your "about me" page or social profiles lacking?

  • Do you want people in your area to see you as confident and capable?

  • Would you like customers to feel a connection to you?

  • Do you want more online customers contacting you?

Do any of these questions resonate with you? The number one thing to remember is clients are going to buy from people they feel they could like and trust. 81% of them will check you out online before they ever contact or visit your business...and that number is growing every year!

So what does your headshot say about you?

Contact us today to learn how we can help...

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