What does your headshot say about you?

Recently, I presented to a group of business networkers and asked a key question in a way most had never thought about. The question was, "Who would you want to do business with?" On the projection screen, I featured the headshots of several actual people doing business. Some of those images were not mine so I can only describe them to you...

  1. A sloppily dressed CEO with head shaded by an oversized hat
  2. A real estate agent in an awkward stance holding a "Sold" sign
  3. A receptionist in front of the office ficus tree
  4. A sales woman with her husband and daughter's faces half cropped out
  5. A professionally dressed, well-poised woman with a confident look and engaging smile

Which of these do you think people said they wanted to buy from?
Of course, 100% of the people in the room raised their hand for #5 with the professional, friendly, confident woman.

The "Ah-ha" moment came next as they realized "This is how their customers are shopping for them!" We are all human and, like it or not, we judge a book by its cover before we choose to read it. In the same way, potential clients are evaluating you right now by the way you present yourself online. They first want to see how much you believe in what you do before working with you.

In the online world, you have only one second to make a first impression. Your image precedes you like a digital handshake showing you are confident and capable.

Who needs a great headshot?

  • Are you in a business that works directly with customers?
  • Could your first impression be improved?
  • Are your "about me" page or social profiles lacking?
  • Do you want people in your area to see you as confident and capable?
  • Would you like customers to feel a connection to you?
  • Do you want more online customers contacting you?

Do any of these questions resonate with you? The number one thing to remember is clients are going to buy from people they feel they could like and trust. 81% of them will check you out online before they ever contact or visit your business...and that number is growing every year!

So what does your headshot say about you?

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Holiday Special: Give one, get one

This only happens once a year during the special season of giving. Gift a $250 photography sitting to a friend or your family and get one for yourself free! This would normally be $500 for both. Giving one to you is our way of saying thank you for passing the gift of photography to someone you love!

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March 2017 Canvas Contest

It's Contest Time!!

You come up with a creative name for this image and post it in the comments on our Facebook Page. On March 20th, we'll review the name suggestions and the person we think has the most creative one will win this 30"x48" Gallery Wrap Canvas of Horseshoe Bend in Marble Canyon. (The photo doesn't do it justice...this canvas is beautiful!)

 (The photo doesn't do it justice...this canvas of Horseshoe Bend at Marble Canyon Arizona is beautiful!)

(The photo doesn't do it justice...this canvas of Horseshoe Bend at Marble Canyon Arizona is beautiful!)

The RULES are simple:

  1. You can be a business or individual to play, but no more than 2 posts per person
  2. You also must be local to Snohomish County or North King County so I can deliver and install the canvas
  3. You must also respond within 7 days when we contact you about winning or the prize goes to the next runner up

Small Claims Process Needed for Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement is out of control. artists and photographers are losing to businesses who bully to keep what they steal. Stealing is stealing and it is time for the law to protect small businesses.

In the past four years, this has personally happened to me at least five times that I can remember. Most of the incidents were with the photograph shown here of the model with henna on her hand. In once case, another photographer even added it to their own web portfolio as though it were their own.

See this video to better understand the issue...

Are you ready to help with this grassroots movement? You can make a difference and have your voice heard. Learn what you can do next by visiting the PPA website. It's easy to do!


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What is the value of a photograph tomorrow?

Determining the personal value of a photograph is a complex issue. Initially, it seems like it shouldn't cost any more than the $0.13 developing fee, but consider the relative value to the one who holds the memories. People invest their wealth in lifestyle, homes, and vehicles, yet if presented with the choice to rescue only one belonging from a catastrophe, all choose their family's "Photography Memories" knowing these are the only belongings that can never be replaced.  

So what is the value of a photograph?

  My wife and I on one of our first dates.

My wife and I on one of our first dates.

A Photograph is the only...

  • way to stop time
  • opportunity to the world through another's eyes
  • truly unique thing we can own
  • way we can relive a moment
  • thing that lasts after the wedding
  • evidence our memory was real
  My grandfather when he was young.

My grandfather when he was young.

A Photograph is a tangible connection to...

  • our past, present, and future
  • the our life experiences that make us who we are
  • the people, places, and things we care about most
  • our heritage
  • our greatest life moments
  My wife holding our newborn son.

My wife holding our newborn son.

A Photograph can...

  • never be replaced
  • say more than words
  • capture personality
  • make us remember
  • share life with others
  • show moments we may have missed
  • traverse time and space
  • bring people together
  • transcend language and culture
  My sister and I a long time ago.

My sister and I a long time ago.

A Photograph has the power to...

  • communicate knowledge, ideas, understanding, and love
  • change the world or change our world view
  • remind us of what is most important
  • elicit the strongest of human emotion
  • take us places we have never been
  • show moments we may have missed
  • strengthen the bonds we share with ones we love
  • live forever
  My daughter's first ride on a ferris wheel.

My daughter's first ride on a ferris wheel.

My friend and mentor, Skip Cohen of Skip Cohen University, always says, "With the exception of modern medicine, no career field has given society more than professional photography!

The strange thing about photographs is they always appreciate with age. So, what is the value of your photograph?

It's your story.


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