When was your last family portrait?

Summer is coming!

"Umm, no kidding, Jared, everyone knows this."

Well, fire season is coming too!

"Oh, yeah...I hadn't thought about that."

Jared M Burns early summer family portraits outdoors.jpg

There just one EXTREMELY important thing you must know...

Waiting too long to book your family portraits could cost you. You might be trading the beautiful blue skies of Washington for a thick, brownish-red cloud of smog. While we hate to say it, the late-summer fires are a real thing around here now. 


How long has it been since your last family portrait?

If this summer is the one for you, be sure to plan your family session early! Everything we love about the beautiful Northwest is happening now. We want your family portraits to have that dream look you would be proud to display on your walls for years to come. 

Now is the time! Call us today to get started!


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