5 Things to Know About Your Family Photographer

Five things you should consider in your next Snohomish family portrait photographer...

1. Do they work with kids?  Not all photographers are created equal.  Not all work well with children.  You want a photographer who has proven portraits of young children because it shows they can actually get what you need.

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2. Can they pose people?  Posing can be the difference between frumpy and flattering.  The first time you see your photograph, your eyes will go straight to you to see how you look.  You may not understand posing, but when you see a great portfolio, you should notice normal people who look great and are well balanced.

3. Do they provide a customer service experience?  The best way to see if a photographer provides a high level of customer service is to learn what other people say.  Do you know someone who has worked with them?  Are there online reviews or positive comments on Facebook?  Even better, ask the photographer what you can expect from your experience and learn how much they care in how they answer.

4. What is their editing like?  There are some really weird practices circulating in some photography circles...glowing alien baby eyes, fake vintage filters, plastic skin, and selective coloring.  Photographs exist so you can one day look back and remember loved ones as they were.  You want a photographer who can make natural and complimentary enhancements, representing your family at their best and as who they really are.

5. What products are available?  Just between you and yourself, when was the last time you “actually” printed out digital photos?  Shopping for only digitals is shorting yourself .  If it lives on a disc, it doesn't exist.  Think about it, would you rather leave your favorite cell store with a smartphone or a quarter to go find a payphone yourself?  Its the same with photographs.  You want a full service photographer who offers beautiful possibilities, products, and services you actually desire...ones you will use.


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