8 Reasons Autumn is Best for Family Portraits

Why schedule your family portrait in Autumn? Here are eight reasons you should consider that are unlike any other time of the year.

Jared M Burns Photography - Snohomish Fall Family Portrait in Tall Grass.jpg

1 - Fall is the most visually stunning time of year, but very short

Fall in the Northwest with all the glorious color is the most desirable time of year to be photographed and everyone knows it! The leaf color normally peaks around the second week of October. About a week after that, all the leaves are on the ground.

Jared M Burns Photography - Carnation Fall Family Portrait Walking in Leaves.jpg

2 - An opportunity to focus on natural family moments

Imagine walking through the leaves or sitting in a ocean of color. My favorite with the younger kids is to throw leaves in the air or at each other because of the natural smiles and joy that bursts out.

Jared M Burns Photography - Edmonds Fall Family Portrait in Field.jpg

3 - Images will be warm and engaging

The warm summer glow that creates amazing atmosphere is at its best during the transition from summer to fall. Dressing for the season means wonderful, rich tones, that match the colors of nature.

Jared M Burns Photography - Lynnwood Fall Family Portrait at Park.jpg

4 - Beautiful locations unlike any other

Do you have a favorite fall location? If not, we know of many around the area and can recommend some that would be perfect for your family!

Jared M Burns Photography - Snohomish Fall Family Portrait with Kids.jpg

5 - Freedom to be more creative

Great portraits any other time of year have limitations on clothing that will work. However, fall is the one time of year you have options! Some people dress on the casual side, some really dress it up, and some choose to include scarves, sweaters, pea coats, knit hats, and other fun accessories that show off a little color flair.

Jared M Burns Photography - Fall Family Portrait near Snohomish.jpg

6 - A timeless look that transcends the season

Displaying a fall portrait in your home will look always look wonderful, no matter the time of year. It is also an eye-catching statement to visitors about what is most important in your home.

Family Portrait Holiday Card Ideas.png

7 - Best holiday cards ever!

Yes, now is the time to plan ahead on your holiday cards. You’ll show family and friends you don’t just drop a few cell photos into an online card template. Your family puts thought and care into creating something special and unique! Cards like this will live on the fridge long after the holiday season!

8 - Book before November 10th and receive complimentary holiday cards!

This is one of a select few specials we run each year! When you book your photography session before 11/10/18, we will gift a 24/pk of 5x7 flat, press-printed, holiday cards with envelopes with your session!

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Summer Weddings, Seattle Wedding Photographer

This past summer I got the opportunity to assist with two talented photographers by the names of Joshua Mahar and Gabriel Van Wyhe.  Both have a servant heart which is evident in their work, the way they interact with and understand their clients, and their generosity in sharing knowledge and experience with others when ever they can.   This is a collection of some favorite shots I captured at these weddings.  Please also take a moment to visit www.joshuamahar.com and www.gabrielsphotography.com.


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Marie + David: Mountain Springs Lodge Leavenworth Wedding Photographer

Marie and David gave me the opportunity to do my first summer destination wedding at a spectacular ranch near Leavenworth, WA called Mountain Springs Lodge.  The best things about this wedding were all the little ways they incorporated their individual personalities into the ceremony and themed their reception around there shared love of baseball.  In addition I had the pleasure of shooting alongside a great photographer by the name of Lindsay Brooke.  You can check out her work at www.lindsaybrookephoto.com.  Also stop by her contact page to see a fun photo I took of Lindsay in action at this wedding.


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Kyle's Senior Portraits - Snohomish Photographer

Senior portraits with Cedarcrest student, Kyle, was one of the most fun sessions I have done.  He has one of those personalities that you warm up to quickly and makes you feel like you are old friends.  Kyle was able to naturally communicate this great quality to the camera.   The other fun thing about this session that we were able to create these portraits around my home town of Carnation, WA.


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Josh + Jaimie: Duvall Wedding - Seattle Wedding Photographer

Shooting the wedding day for close friends like Josh and Jaimie is a privilege that doesn't come around all that often.  It is a very freeing experience because you know that they are completely familiar with and trust your artistic expression.  Josh and Jaimie couldn't be a better match and had a beautiful spring wedding in downtown Duvall, WA.  As one of the biggest weddings I have ever photographed, it is a testament of the lives they have each impacted individually and as a couple.


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