Series: Top 10 things that KILL Summer Photos - #8

Your life and memories deserve to be amazing! This series focuses on the 10 biggest mistakes that kill your summer family photos and how you can fix them.

MISTAKE #8 - Using Those Faux-Filters in Apps

Unless you are posting a photo from the past, “fake vintage” is fake vintage. Just like the word “Rad” is associated with the 1980’s, before you know it, the Instagram-filter-look with lifeless desaturation and gritty-grime will be an outdated mark of the 2010’s.

Bad instagram filters.jpg

SOLUTION: For the love of all that is right in the world, just STOP!!

Just say "No" to faux-filters. You will one day wish to remember life events for what they were and not be distracted by the snazzy processing. The more trendy something is, the faster it will become dated. (If it isn't already a law, it sure should be.)

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