Series: Top 10 things that KILL Summer Photos #6

Your life and memories deserve to be amazing! This series focuses on the 10 biggest mistakes that kill your summer family photos and how you can fix them.

MISTAKE #6:  Disregard For Your Own Children, Photographically Speaking

Parents often act as though their perspective is the only perspective...let me explain. Millions of vacation photos each year are ruined by adults taking photos from above, looking down the children.  No matter how special the moment was, there’s nothing significant about seeing the tops of heads.

Arches National Park Hike.jpg

SOLUTION:  Consider who you are photographing

Consider their perspective. How can you make a photo that tells their story? It is easy, just get down to their level and try to see the world as they view it when you take the picture.  There's nothing more special than seeing it through their eyes.

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Snohomish Family Photographer - Boy with jellyfish
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Snohomish Family Photographer - Sister and Brother
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