Series: Top 10 things that KILL Summer Photos #4

Your life and memories deserve to be amazing! This series focuses on the 10 biggest mistakes that kill your summer family photos and how you can fix them.

MISTAKE #4 - Not Getting Close Enough to the Moment 

If your summer photos seem like a random collection of snapshots, it might just be because you are only making snapshots. Snapshots are effortless and usually taken from afar. They include too much in the frame with no clear subject. One is left struggling to understand why the photo was taken in the first place.

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SOLUTION:  Move in Even Closer

Zoom in tight with your lens or even physically use your legs to move yourself closer to the family action.  You will eliminate distractions outside of the image frame and put focus on what is most important to you.   One of the strangest things I have learned about photography is the more you focus on small details or single moments, the more complete the visual story. 

If you want to dig deeper, here is a fun book I found that can help improve personal photos no matter what kind of camera you use...

Better Photo Basics: The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Taking Photos Like a Pro ($12.75)

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