Series: Top 10 things that KILL Summer Photos #7

Your life and memories deserve to be amazing! This series focuses on the 10 biggest mistakes that kill your summer family photos and how you can fix them.

MISTAKE #7 - Leaving the camera in the hotel

Has this ever happened to you? We leave the hotel for a little outing saying, “No need to bring the camera for this one.” It really just means, "I just don't want to carry it around."  Inevitably something special happens and we catch ourselves exclaiming, “Ohh, I wish I brought the camera!”  It's because life always happens in the between moments.  The unplanned events often become some of the greatest stories to share, even the defining moments of your vacation.  No camera means no photo memories.

Camera with travel bag.jpg

SOLUTION:  Bring the camera anyway

Yes, bring the camera wherever you go, even when you don’t want to.  Don’t leave it in the hotel or the car.  Have it with you. Have it out.  Have it ready.  Think about all the unbelievable, amazing, and hilarious Youtube family videos that have only been made by people who remembered to bring the camera.  These unexpected moments are big part of your story and not to be missed!

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